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Daniele Alkmin: "I've been a Q-grader since 2016, a coffee lover, and the 5th generation of coffee producers in Mantiqueira de Minas. I specialized in several courses: Classification and tasting, barista, roasting, controlled fermentation, taste neuroscience, commercialization of commodities, and the stock market, among others. I started to work in 2015 with my Father Carlos Henrique Moreira Carvalho directly on the farm, in the production of specialty coffees."

In 2019 we created Agrorigem - The Coffee ID to connect producers with buyers of amazing coffees, to help local producers and also female producers to have more recognition in the world of specials. Our Startup was born and incubated at Inatel – Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações – for 2 years with a focus on innovation in coffee sales.

Today a multilateral platform that opens new opportunities for the sale of differentiated coffee for the producer, we connect producers to roasters, uniting the chain and offering varieties of coffee profiles, from different micro-regions, agility, trust, transparency, and concern with sustainability and regenerative agriculture for buyers from all continents.

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Originate and sell coffees according to the buyer’s demand, offering transparency and quality in our processes, in order to bring greater sustainability to our producers and bring more safety and practicality to our customers.


To be recognized worldwide as a reliable exporting coffee company that offers quality and transparent products, meeting all coffee demands safely and dynamically.


• Integrity and honesty
• Quality and Excellence
• Safety
• Reliability
• Commitment
• Transparency
• Sonority
• Mutual respect
• Empathy and Education
• Social, Environmental, and Emotional Responsibility

Our team

Dani Alkmin

The CEO, organized, talented, feminist, and fearless. Q-Grader, coffee lover, mother of two girls, marathon runner, vegetarian, and loves to travel.

Carlos Henrique

Graduated in business administration, entrepreneur, coffee and milk producer, and Agrorigem's partner.

Tamires Gabriele

Pedagogue, psychopedagogue, loves contact with nature and traveling. Among her hobbies is the practice of physical activities and enjoying a sunset on the beach. Coffee lover, accompanied by a good book.

Felipe Bastos

Telecommunications engineer, specialty coffee specialist, small coffee producer, passionate about land and animals.

David D. Souza

Administrator, coffee roaster, loves to cook and take care of plants. Among his hobbies are watching anime and playing mobile games. His favorite coffee is the strawberry waffle sensory.
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