Exchanges and Returns

In order to serve our customers with quality, we present our purchasing policy. On this page you can better understand the purchase, exchange, return and payment methods.

AGRORIGEM, offers its customers only quality coffees and in perfect condition. Producers, as well as our accredited partners, have cafes, machinery and infrastructure that meet Agrorigem’s labor standards. All coffees leave the warehouses after thorough investigation and only within the packaging standards.

When receiving your order, check that the packaging is properly sealed, that the products are in perfect order and intact and that the order is in accordance with the invoice. If any of these items are in disagreement, contact us immediately by phone (35) 99739-1094 or by e-mail: [email protected] so that we can guide you.

Refund of Amount Paid:

Agrorigem will refund unduly paid amounts only for reversing the payment slip or credit card used in the purchase, registered by the customer at his establishment. It is necessary that the CNPJ of the current account is the same as that shown on the invoice. In case of partial return, the customer may request a new ticket to be issued within 48 hours.

The refund must be approved by the coffee producer supplying the purchase made.

The refund of values ​​will be processed only after receipt and analysis of the occurrence with the suppliers (producers) in question, through our customer support.

Commodity exchange:

The goods may be exchanged within 7 (seven) days after receipt. The coffee bag must not be tampered with and must be in the same condition as received by the customer.

The client must express the intention of the exchange by e-mail [email protected] obeying the following conditions:

1- Inform the code, described in the note, of the product to be exchanged.

2- Inform the reason for the request.

Freight charge for exchange / return:

The return requested by the customer’s initiative will have the freight under his responsibility. When the cancellation request occurs after the goods are dispatched to the carrier, the freight will be paid by the customer. If the goods have already been delivered, the customer will also bear the freight cost of returning the goods to AGRORIGEM.

In the event of problems with the product or error in shipping the order, the freight will be borne by the person responsible for the dispatch (accredited partner).

Deadline for the exchange of goods for the customer:

All returned merchandise will be analyzed according to the information provided by the customer. AGRORIGEM will take the necessary measures, as soon as possible, for the shipment of the new merchandise, and the maximum period for solving the problem is 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of the product.

Exchange of goods with different individual values:

When the customer requests the exchange of some merchandise for another with a different price, the following procedure will be performed:

1- If the value of the new merchandise is higher than the previous one, AGRORIGEM will charge the difference, requesting the payment of a Boleto. This will be sent to the customer via email.

2- If the value of the new product is less than the previous one, Agrorigem will generate a credit code in favor of the customer to be used in future purchases.

Product packaging for return or exchange return:

In both cases, whether it is a return or a product exchange, the merchandise to be returned to AGRORIGEM must be packed in its original packaging.

The packaging must be properly identified and sent to the address informed by Agrorigem’s Customer Service Center.

Lost Order:

If your order is lost or stolen, the carrier will be fully responsible for such act.