Specialty coffees direct from the producer with guaranteed origin.

Quality coffees with traceability and history.

We connect producers and buyers of specialty coffees.

Specialty coffee prepared in 16Up, 14/15 and Moka screens

How about presenting to your customer the origin of the specialty coffees he is consuming?

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Looking for specialty coffees straight from the producer in bulk?

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``Agrorigem made my life easier. For example, today I am able to work with specialty coffees from different origins and with more varieties. This has given me greater motivation to work and, above all, new experiences for my customers.``
Haroldo Cunha Kallás Nano Coffee Lab

Startup incubated at Inatel.


We combine business, high technology and management, achieving practical improvements for the coffee sector as a result.


We transform difficulties into tools that offer convenience to our customers as a result.


We combine our studies and experience in technology and coffee, thus bringing more sustainability to rural producers.

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