From coffee we came and to coffee we came back

We are a generation passionate about coffee and technology. We want to contribute and give back to coffee all the development that this crop has brought to our region and to Brazil. Our commitment is to offer greater economic sustainability for producers.


As active participants in the coffee chain, we know both the needs of the rural producer and the buying trends in the specialty coffee market.

Our History began to be told a long time ago, more specifically, in 1892, when Mr. Antônio Palma Rennó and D. Alzira Portugal Rennó started the mountain coffee culture in the Serra da Mantiqueira lands. Cultivation was perfected over the years in a story told by 5 generations and, as an inheritance, passed from father to son (a).

The passion for coffee comes from years and, with all the secular history involved, made us understand and share the pains and difficulties of coffee growers. At the same time, we understand the need for the special coffee market to know the origin, production and recognition of the producer for his dedicated and careful work with the beans they produce.

In order to adequately remunerate the producers of special coffee, we joined together to make a dream come true – Agrorigem –



Our commitment is to bring quality and history to our customers in a safe and agile way. We offer several options of coffee profiles directly from the producer, all with traceability, guaranteed origin, history, photos and complete information about the available lot.


All lots and micro lots are prepared in a special way. Homogeneous grains, sieve 16 above, drink higher than 82pts SCAA and made available through sacks of 30Kg that preserve the characteristics of coffee for a period of up to 18 months.

We focus on our Agrorigem specialty coffees from several producing cities in Brazil. The lots have guaranteed origin, traceability and come directly from the producer. Accompanied by history and complete information regarding its quality, as well as photos and videos of the producer and the farm.


We work with a team of collaborators focused on serving the tripod of our business model: producers, customers and strategic partners (warehouses and / or cooperatives) accredited Agrorigem.

All batches offered by producers on the Agrorigem platform undergo rigorous analysis carried out by Q-Graders with years of experience and who must use the actual sample of the product in their tests. The coffees are subjected to SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) methodology to evaluate the quality of the product and to identify peculiar characteristics of the blend.

We also work with producers of special coffee and we have the responsibility to say when a lot comes from a farm or farm led by a woman, because we are concerned with gender equality and we strengthen them with recognition.


Somos pessoas apaixonadas por fazer sonhos acontecerem.

Carlos Henrique Moreira Carvalho

Consultant / Financial

Daniele Alkmin Carvalho Mohallem

Comercial / Especialista Café

Guilherme Augusto Cassemiro

Operação / Inovação / Tecnologia

Levar a tecnologia, oferecer novas oportunidades, aumentar a remuneração e melhorar a qualidade de vida dos produtores é o objetivo em comum de todo time AGRORIGEM.